Love for dogs


My mother always wanted to have an Irish Wolfhound and my father a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Combining their wishes, they decided a Laekense Shepherd (a Belgian Shepherd Dog) was the golden mean. When I was two years old, the first Laekense Shepherd came to enrich our family, her name was Ita. Ita almost turned 14 and was a friend for life.

My love for dogs finds it’s origine to Ita.


As a child I visit a lot of European dog shows with my parents. I really liked that so I decided, when I was grown up, I wanted to do this as well. Showing and breeding dogs.


For my sixteenth birthday I wanted my own dog. After lots of whining, I was allowed to look out for one. There were two conditions: not too big and no fur with lots of maintenance. And along came my own princess, Natascha was her name. Natascha was a cross between a Bouvier des Flandres and an Irish Wolfhound. I started reading about Irish Wolfhounds and after Natascha passed the rainbow bridge, I went to look out for one. I wanted a resque dog and along came Danka. Soon Danka was joined by Daaija and they became pals.

Daaija was a cross between a Leonberger and a Bouvier des Flandres. They were a magnificent duo and they grew quite old together; Danka nearly reached eleven years and Daaija almost fourteen.

After Danka’s passing, Tess joined our family. Another Irish Wolfhound, but this time a seven week old puppy. She and Daaija spent four years together. After Daaija’s passing, along came Vaigin, also an Irish Wolfhound.


My kennel name From Cadbury Castle originates from the time I applied for it to breed with Tess. Unfortunately this proved unsuccesful, Tess was sterile. However, this has never influenced my love for my dogs nor the fun we’ve had.

As time passed, I got to know the Rhodesian Ridgeback. And after not having dogs for a period of four years, along came Rhodesian Ridgeback Buhsrah. Buhsrah left an unforgettable impression to everyone she met. What a loving and ever happy character she had. Unfortunately she passed shortly before reaching the age of three, due to a medical mistake.

And now? Now Pemba and Mosi are living with us. Two Rhodesian Ridgebacks: one wheaten and the other a livernose.

And now finally the kennel name came in. 


From Cadbury Castle. Sounds just about right as a kennel name for a dog breed like the Irish Wolfhound that, according to the legend of king Arthur, roamed Camelot. But how to link this to the Rhodesian Ridgeback? Well, that was not too hard. With a mix of history and a dash of imagination; Cornelius Johannes van Rooyen, the founder of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed was (around the 1900’s) a hunter for big game in Rhodesia (today: Zimbabwe). His group of hounds consisted of varied crossings of popular European dog breeds at that time, among others the Scottish Deerhound (tightly related to the Irish Wolfhound). Van Rooyen's aim was to breed a hound through strict selecting, which was adequate for hunting through harsh conditions: the Rhodesian Ridgeback.