The Avalon litter from Cadbury Castle, birth date April 24, 2015. 


Queen Guinevere from Cadbury Castle

Maiden Dindrane from Cadbury Castle

Puppy No.1

Time whelped; 16:45

Weight; 544 gram

Puppy No.2

Time whelped; 16:50

Weight; 498 gram

King Arthur from Cadbury Castle

Lady Olwen from Cadbury Castle

Puppy No.3

Time whelped; 18:30

Weight; 486 gram

Puppy No.4

Time whelped; 19:10

Weight; 542 gram

Sir Galahad from Cadbury Castle

Sir Lancelot from Cadbury Castle

Puppy No.5

Time whelped; 19:27

Weight; 546 gram

Puppy No.6

Time whelped; 20:45

Weight; 508 gram

Merlin the Grey

Lady of Avalon

Puppy No.7

Time whelped; 22:30

Weight; 532 gram

Puppy No.8

Time whelped; 23:40

Weight; 454 gram