RRCN Clubmatch 2015

Four of Pemba's and Misha's kids entered the show ring for the very first time!

(Males; 13 entries, females; 10 entries) They did a great job!


  • Lady Guinevere from Cadbury Castle, aka Zuri, 2- very promising babyclass
  • Lady Olwen from Cadbury Castle, aka Kiyara, promising babyclass
  • Merlin the Grey from Cadbury Castle, aka Milo, very promising babyclass 
  • Lady of Avalon from Cadbury Castle, aka Mika, promising babyclass

About Chadari Eskdale Mamma's Mosi, YEAH!


HD-A free according FCI

OCD/LPC/LPA/Inc free according FCI 

And there they are! 

We are so happy and proud to present the "Avalon" babies after CIB LuJCH EUJW Aresvuma Vividjo Makini aka Misha and Madzinza Damisi Pemba aka Pemba!

Pemba is doing a great job, she is a very loving and caring new mummy and the babies are strong and healthy. More information about and pictures from this litter you can find here.

Pemba is pragnent!

We are so happy! Puppies are expected April 26, 2015


Winter turns into spring.


With great happiness and joy we announce Pemba's first litter! We are so thrilled about this, it's such an adventure. 


The sire of the litter (Aresvuma Vividjo Makini aka Misha) has proven himself as an excellent stud dog. His offspring is living all over Europe.


The dam (Madzinza Damisi Pemba) is coming from a well-known pedigree which contains old Vizara, Shangani and Tarujen Penzi aka Zorro sr. lines, combined with Grand Aquarius' Heshima ya Kimba lines.


We expect beautiful red wheaten puppies with a no nonsense character and balanced outlines.


Litter announcement

We spoke about it for a long time. And finally it is going to happen.

I am so proud to announce you the upcoming first litter of our girl Madzinza Damisi Pemba.   Sire: CIB LUYC EUJW Aresvuma Vividjo Makini.